The Adelphi Helping Hand Program

As part of our commitment back to the community that we serve Adelphi Insurance Brokers Ltd have developed a fund raising program called the Adelphi Helping Hand Program. 

So if you are part of an organisation, group or club that needs to raise funds then please email us at or call 0800 656 670 and we will send you an information pack and registration form. 

How it works

Once your organisation, group or club has been accepted* and registered then any member or friend of the organisation can apply for a free no obligation review of their Personal or Business Insurances (as outlined on this website). A Registered Financial Advisor will undertake a full review of their health, life, serious illness, disability and/or business insurance needs, either in person or over the phone. The advisor will then present a personalised Personal or Business Insurance Plan. If this results in the implementation of part or all of this Plan then Adelphi Insurance will make a contribution back to the organisation.

Who can apply for registration?

Any organisation, group, special interest group, sports clubs, school groups, in fact anyone who needs to raise money.

Most people have health, life and disability insurance or should have. Right now any profits tend to flow straight back to the insurance company. By being apart of the Adelphi Helping Hand Program some of these profits will be able to flow back into your club, organisation or group. The level of funds raised will depend on the number and size of the insurance policies implemented but with 10 to 15 families implementing their Personal Insurance Plan through Adelphi Insurance your chosen organisation could easily benefit by $2,000 or more. 

Please email us at or call 0800 656 670 for an information pack and registration form. 


* Adelphi Insurance Brokers Ltd reserves the right to accept or decline an application on a case by case basis. 


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